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Are You in the Market for a Hidden Gun Safe? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Guns and rifles give you the ability to protect your family no matter what kind of events unfold. After all, you never know when a criminal might break into your house or shelter and try to rob you, putting your family at risk. Firearms provide an extra line of defense that prevents those with ill intentions from harming your family.

But when you assemble a collection of firearms, you can’t just leave them lying around your home. This can be very dangerous, as someone can access your weapons without your permission. By making use of floor rifle safes or wall rifle safes, you’ll keep your weapons out of sight and out of the hands of those who shouldn’t shoot them. On top of that, you can ensure that your guns remain safe in the event of a fire.

Hidden Gun Safes for Sale

If you’re looking for hidden gun safes, you’ve come to the right place. At Bee Safe Security, Inc., our comprehensive catalog of safes includes the following:

  • IRONMAN 3000As our beginner’s model, this safe can comfortably hold 12 guns in its 5.4 cubic feet of interior space. This is the perfect model for gun owners who haven’t seriously diversified their weaponry.
  • IRONMAN 5000TThis safe can hold 34 guns comfortably in its 32.5 cubic feet interior. Weighing 1,000 pounds, the IRONMAN 5000T also features a continuous solid hinge with a side-locking bar.
  • IRONMAN 5800Boasting an impressive 51.4 cubic feet of interior space, the IRONMAN 5800 can hold an impressive 44 guns. The safe is able to withstand temperatures as high as 1,533°F. After exposing this safe to that temperature for a half-hour, its internal heat reached 191°F. This safe is guaranteed to protect your weapons in the event of fire.

Bee Safe Security Inc. – A Name You Can Trust

Since 1990, the skilled professionals at Bee Safe Security, Inc. have built a reputation for being a company that bends over backwards for our customers. Over the years, we have constructed countless underground bomb shelters on properties scattered all across the country. We have also equipped those shelters with hidden gun safes that provide our clients with another level of security and protection.

At Bee Safe Security, Inc., our knowledgeable experts will work with you to meet your specific security needs. Contact us today to learn more about hidden gun safes or to get started on a project!

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